Wednesday Teaching Santideva’s Guide to the Bodhisvattva’s Way of Life


taught by Geshe Jampa Gyeltsen

TBI is delighted to announce that Geshe Jampa Gyeltsen will resume teaching and, as had been announced last year, will be teaching on Tuesdays “Taking the Three Bodies on the Path by the great 18th century Tibetan scholar and practitioner, Yang chen ga we lodrö also known asAkya yongdzin.

These profound teachings on the nature of death, the intermediate state and rebirth and how to engage in Deity Yoga in such a way as to take them on the path are open to all sincere practitioners.

Buddhism has probably developed more techniques for training the mind than any other spiritual tradition in history and Geshe Jampa Gyeltsen,   will explain how to put them into practice in this life, how to overcome mental anguish and fear, and how die in such  way that one is not only    at peace with oneself and the world, but of benefit to others.

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