A Prayer of Supplication for Kyabje Rinpoche


A Prayer of Supplication for the Long Life of Kyabje Khensur Kangurwa Lobsang Thubten Rinpoche


May she, the lovely one, that fair and youthful coming-into-being of the nectar spring of all the countless Conquerors’ enlightened deeds; May she, the sublime goddess – the giver of life, ever shelter you within the sacred radiance of her blessing.

Within your fragrant hundred-petalled wondrous wisdom lies the pollen of the Subduer’s words, and the full-bloom of analytic skills discriminating the essence of his doctrine. O glorious spiritual master, please, please live long.

Your orb of vast listening to traditions of teachings is full;

Its hundred thousand white lights of immaculate morality serving to unfold lunar flowers within the minds of the fortunate.

O peerless propounding moon, please, please live long.

Opening wide with thousands of incise reasonings. The jewel-treasury of assertions and thoughts of Tibetan and Indian masters, ingeniously you string successive necklaces of their pearls, generating joy within those of clear minds.

O supreme spiritual friend, please, please live long.

By the blessings of the three secrets of the countless Conquerors, and by the clarified essence of all that moves and is still, the mundane and that beyond, maturing into bearers of life immortal, may you remain in an immutable realm, unmoving and invincible.

May all those faults of myself and others, such as breaches of devotion, lack of faith and wrong conception, created out of unconcern and obscuration, be purified, and may the wonderful fortune to be satiated by the nectar taste of your guiding instructions never lessen.

By the seas of infallible Conquerors’ blessings, by the power of the sphere of reality’s truth, the unity of appearance and emptiness, and by the profound strength of my own pure faith. May the purposes of this prayer be instantly fulfilled with effortless ease.

Khensur Rinpoche’s name mantra


This prayer of supplication for the long life of Sera Je Tre Hor Geshe Khensur Losang Thubten Rinpoche, possessor of extensive listening, was composed by myself, Trulku, having the title Junior Tutor to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The need for this prayer was known to me through requests accompanied with offering scarves and precious gifts by his many disciples along with the students of Sera Tre Hor. (It was translated into English by Gelong Jampa Gendun during the southern summer of 1991.)