Our precious founder and teacher, Kyabje Khensur Kangurwa Rinpoche, said;“At present, we are very much in the situation of someone who is standing with only one foot in this world, the other foot is already in the lower realms ready to fall and yet the kind spiritual friend teaches Lam Rim…” so, we must recollect the kindness of our teachers and generate faith and conviction in them as “ambassadors of the Buddha”. Our teachers are the source of all happiness and bliss, because through them we gain access to the words of the Buddha, they speak in the name of the Buddha. Thus reliance on the teacher is the foundation of our deepest aspirations for future happiness.  Guru Devotion follows on from meditations on the Triple Gem, becoming our own refuge, reminding us to recollect the kindness of our teachers, to generate faith and conviction and thus to see them as worthy of such trust and devotion. In this way, when we view our Guru as the Buddha, we internalize the words of the Dharma, resulting in immense benefit.

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