Sunday Meditation – The Four Noble Truths

All Buddhist traditions share the foundational teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni, famously known as The Four Noble Truths. His Holiness the Dalai Lama says that he meditates on these truths every day, thus setting an example for us in our quest for happiness, meaning and freedom from the trials and tribulations of this troubled world.  The First Noble Truth of Suffering teaches that we habitually suffer as a result of our denial of reality, of life’s impermanence, which leads to unskillful actions (karma) and their ripening as unhappy states of mind. The afflictions, like hatred, pride and unhealthy desire are the causes of our suffering, The Second Noble Truth (The Causes of Suffering). The Buddha taught that these can be eliminated (The Third Noble Truth of Cessation), by following The Fourth Noble Truth (The Path), the practice of the Dharma teachings.  As exemplified by the Buddha, following the Path of great Love, Compassion and Wisdom, and practicing The Four Noble Truths, is truly enlightening!