Sunday Meditation – Purification Meditation


Since beginningless time our minds have been under the sway of the afflictions of anger, envy, pride and so forth, they have become habitual responses. So, when we meet with certain conditions the 3 Poisons of attachment, aversion and ignorance assert themselves and always in dependence upon interaction with others. Fortunately, because these traits are all of the mind, they can be purified through the practice of ethics as an antidote, repenting and resolving not to repeat our mistakes and eventually, eliminating non-virtuous actions altogether. Geshe Jampa Gyaltsen comments that “whatever non-virtues [we] have accumulated in past lives, it is a given that they are accumulated with respect to either the Triple Gem or to sentient beings. So in that case, if we generate faith in the Triple Gem …we can purify all of these.”Fortunately, the nature of our mind is clear and can be purified of unhealthy states of mind. Thus, through our study and practice of the Dharma – combined with a simple purification meditation, we can be confident of making a fresh start!

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