9.00am Sunday Meditation: RECOGNISING KINDNESS OF ALL BEINGS – Available Online and in Gompa.

Recall the care and nurturing we received when we were helpless infants, how we depended upon others to teach us our language, how to dress and feed ourselves, later we were taught at school, we found work, formed friendships and in general, throughout our lives, we depended on the kindness of others. When you have a firm conviction that your mother of this life has been your mother in countless past lives, we try to extend that conviction to include your father, siblings, friends and even those people you dislike; they have all been your mothers in previous lives. By seeing them as your mothers we then think about their kindness, how our lives are dependent on the kindness and skills of others and we naturally wish to repay their kindness.

These Meditations led by Venerable Tenzin Drolkar





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