Next Sunday Meditation: Objects of Refuge – The Buddha

We’ve all experienced sickness in our lives, from the common cold and for many, a life threatening illness. We naturally seek expert advice and once we’ve established trust in the doctor and health professionals, we diligently follow the advice given; we take the medicine, stop eating this or that and so on. Similarly, Buddhism asserts that we are all suffering mentally because of our ignorance as to how we and all things, actually exist. The Buddha is described as a skilled and compassionate physician who can be utterly trusted to diagnose our ailments, prescribe the exact medicine and enable us to reach our full potential, just as he has done. None of this is to be taken on blind faith so we must investigate slowly for ourselves. Come and join fellow travelers as we contemplate the embodiment of the ultimate in love, compassion and wisdom, the Buddha, thus nurturing these selfsame seeds in ourselves for the benefit for all beings, the environmental and beyond!

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