Sunday Meditation: The Advantages of Cherishing Others

Just as all our suffering is said to arise from self-cherishing, the fault of regarding ourselves as the centre of the universe, Buddhism asserts that all happiness, all good fortune and virtuous qualities, arise from wishing peace and happiness for others. Thus we strive to be mindful of our own faults and understand the source of our suffering, in order to eliminate the afflictions which keep us bound by our self-cherishing. When we understand that the mind does what it is used to doing, we work to transform our unruly minds and then we will be able to help others. At the beginning and through to the end of our lives we are totally dependent on the kindness of others; quoting; “it is from the field of sentient beings that all the qualities …arise…we must endeavour to use sentient beings as a field of accumulation of merit.” Once we’ve considered the validity of such a position, we can apply ourselves to cultivating such an altruistic attitude and sow beneficial seeds which will have a happy result in the future.


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