Next Sunday Morning Meditation: Suffering

Nobody wants to suffer and everyone appreciates a contented, happy mind. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has the burden of the Tibetan people and in fact, of all sentient beings, on his shoulders and yet his infectious laughter and kind attention to everyone he meets is evidence that it’s possible to have profound happiness in the midst of the greatest of life’s challenges.

His Holiness teaches the ancient wisdom of the Buddha, that the fundamental cause of suffering is the ignorance of how we and things exist. This is like a poisonous root which naturally gives rise to its two main branches of unhealthy attachment and hatred.

Once we recognise the unhelpful habits that only lead to dissatisfaction, we are empowered to let them go and embrace new, life affirming ways of living and thinking which will definitely give rise to the fruit of contentment and enduring happiness, no matter what!

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