9.30am Sunday Meditation: Renunciation – Available Online and in Gompa.


Many of us may understand the meaning of Renunciation as giving away our worldly possessions, leaving our jobs and family and going into a monastery or cave somewhere. “Definite Emergence” is a better term for what is meant; simply, that we are striving for freedom, liberation, from the difficulties and dissatisfactions of our lives.  Imagine you have fallen into a raging river and are being swept downstream, if a rope was thrown to you, you would desperately grab it. So, thinking like this, the river represents our lives and the Dharma, the Buddha’s teachings, is the rope which will pull you free, which will liberate you.  True happiness is to be found within the depths of the pure nature of our own mind. Once we understand this, we’ll naturally want to “definitely emerge” from our attachment to the distractions and pleasures of this life and strive to liberate ourselves from harmful attitudes. We can still enjoy an ice cream, but with equanimity and a peaceful state of mind!








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