Meditation Classes and Introduction to Buddhism

LEARN TO MEDITATE  Mondays 6.30pm – 7.15pm  

Last class of 2017 11th December                                                                                Restarting 8th January 2018

This class is free however all donations are welcome

You can change your mind! Meditation is an effective method to calm the mind, to de-stress and to help us cope more easily with negative emotions and difficult situations. Through meditation we can train the mind to be less troubled by problems we encounter, we can reduce our anxiety and fears and with a stronger, more resilient and peaceful mind we can become happier. Our free, weekly classes are open to anyone who is interested in learning about the principles of meditation, gain practical experience on how to meditate and get started in a regular meditation practice. The guided meditations are short and simple with no previous experience required to participate. Join us in our beautiful, serene environment and awaken your mind to inner peace and joy within.
This class is suitable for all, is non-religious and is led by experienced, friendly meditators on a monthly roster. We recommend you wear comfortable, loose clothing.

LAMRIM MEDITATION Sundays 9am – 10am
This class is free however all donations are welcome

The Lamrim (the Graduated Path to Enlightenment) represents the totality of Buddha’s teachings in a step by step format that, if followed purely, leads us to Full Enlightenment and
along the way increase our happiness and reduce our suffering.

On Sunday mornings we offer the opportunity to engage in analytical meditation on the topics of the Lamrim. With analytical meditation we use our intelligence, reasoning and personal experience to investigate these topics, concentrating deeply on their meaning and application in our own lives.

We all have the potential to live happier and more meaningful lives, to open our hearts and minds and engage with the world with kindness, compassion and wisdom. These meditations help us reveal that potential, make sense of the world and achieve a strong, resilient mind, more able to cope with the difficulties we all face.

These meditations are led by one of our most experienced students, Chris Ridley and are suitable for students of all levels.

INTRODUCTION TO BUDDHISM Mondays 7.30 – 8.30pm 
This class is free however all donations are welcome

Who is Buddha and what is Buddhism? Introduction to Buddhism is an informal class that explores the fundamental concepts of Buddhism, the ancient philosophy that is profoundly relevant to our lives today. Buddhism is a path which helps us to make sense of our lives and make every moment meaningful.

Buddhist philosophy provides the most detailed, precise and complete investigation into the mind than any other philosophy or science that exists today, including that of modern psychology. Buddhism does not just explore the mind but also the nature of all phenomena, including the complex mechanism of cause and effect, karma and causality which is not only a very complete explanation of the mysteries of our existence but offers a framework by which we can make our lives, now and in the future, happier and more meaningful. Buddhism provides pathways to the same goal from which we can choose the way most suited to our individual disposition. We are encouraged to question, to analyse, it is not a religion of blind faith, Buddha specifically stated that we should not just accept his word. Everything he taught he learned from his own experience and we can use our own experience to make these same analyses and investigations.

This class is interactive and non-religious,  with questions and discussion welcome and is led by experienced, senior students who are serious Buddhist practitioners.