Buddhism for Beginners

Mondays 7.30 – 8.30 pm 2 month course Jan 15th-26th Feb 2018
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Buddhism for Beginners

What is Buddhism? Who is Buddha and what did he teach? Buddhism for Beginners is a relaxed, informal class that explores the fundamental concepts of Buddhism, the ancient philosophy that is profoundly relevant to our lives today. Buddhism is a path which helps us to make sense of our lives, awaken our hearts to joy and compassion and our minds to peace and serenity.

The main topic of this class is the first teaching Buddha gave, the Four Noble Truths, the very heart of Buddhism from which all of Buddha’s teachings flow.

Buddhist philosophy provides the most detailed, precise and complete investigation into the mind.   Buddhism does not just explore the mind but also the nature of all phenomena, including the complex mechanism of cause and effect, karma and causality, which is not only a very complete explanation of the mysteries of our existence but offers a framework by which we can make our lives happier and more meaningful. Through practising what Buddha taught we can achieve mental calm and resilience, allowing us to more easily cope with the difficulties we all encounter in our daily lives.

This class is interactive, with questions and discussion encouraged and is led by experienced, senior students who are serious Buddhist practitioners.