Lam Rim Teachings with Geshela @ Wed 7pm

Geshe Jampa Gyaltsen
Lamrim Teachings  – Stages of the Path to full enlightenment
(Wednesday 7–8.30 pm – check calendar for dates)

The Graduated Path to Enlightenment, (Lamrim) a foundational text by the great Tibetan Lama, Je Tsong kha pa, represents the totality of Buddha’s teachings in a step by step format that, if followed purely, leads us to Full Enlightenment.

The purpose of the practices outlined in the Lamrim is to enable us to train our mind so that we increase our happiness and reduce our suffering. We learn how to enhance our appreciation of the good qualities that we all possess, love, compassion and kindness and create the conditions which allow these qualities to flourish and grow.

Our teacher Geshe-la combines these teachings with advice for living, how to deal with disturbing emotions and difficult situations. He teaches us that it is possible to make each moment of our lives meaningful and that we can attain peace of mind and contentment. We have everything we need within our own mind, come along and learn how to develop your own limitless potential.

These teachings are suitable for beginners and experienced students alike and present a road map to happiness, so we can awaken our hearts and minds to the joy and peace within.

All are welcome to come to the teachings and afterwards join together for a chat and cup of chai and biscuits (and cake if we’re lucky!).

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