Tuesday Teachings with Geshela @ 7pm

Tuesday Teachings with Geshela  – Buddhist Philosophy 2017
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In the context of the study program which His Holiness the Dalai Lama enjoined TBI to offer, Geshe Jampa Gyeltsen will be teaching during all of 2017 in the context of the Tuesday “Buddhist Philosophy” course held from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, the Mind-Only or Cittamātra school in depth and specifically the difficult points of the mind-basis-of-all (Sk. ālaya-vijñāna). This course is highly recommended for all students who attended the “Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy” (“Tenets”) course of Geshe Jampa Gyeltsen in 2014-2015 as it will develop in great depth key points presented during that course

Teachings with Geshela

The Mind-Only school was particularly influential in much of the Far East (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc) through the works of the great Chinese scholar Xuan Zang (602-664) who studied in India and Geshe Jampa Gyeltsen will present, in this context, the Cittamātra understanding of the “Buddha Lineage” (sometimes translated as “Buddha Nature”).

Geshe Jampa Gyeltsen will rely on Je Tsong kha pa’s “Ocean of Eloquent Explanations, an Extensive Commentary on the Difficult points of Mind and Mind-basis of All” (translated by Gareth Sparham) some copies of which may be obtained from TBI’s bookstore.

TBI’s classes in Buddhist Philosophy are university level classes and as such are demanding, without regular attendance little can be expected. Each one hour class will be followed by a 30mn period of debate between the students on topics set by Geshe Jampa Gyeltsen.

We hope many students will avail themselves of the rare opportunity of attending a course given by a Lharampa Geshe of the calibre of Geshe Jampa Gyeltsen who has taught for years to scores of Tibetan monks as part of the standard curriculum of Sera Je Monastic University.

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