Buddhist Philosophy Teachings with Geshela Tues @ 7pm

Geshe Jampa Gyaltsen

Advanced Teachings on Buddhist Philosophy 2017
(Tuesdays 7–8.30 pm – check calendar for dates)

On Tuesday night Geshe Jampa Gyaltsen offers advanced teachings on Buddhist Philosophy. The academic standard of these teachings are of university level and the subject matter can also be emotionally challenging so we recommend that students have a solid grounding in study of the fundamentals of the Graduated Stages of Path, or Lamrim (Wednesday night teachings).

During 2017 Geshe-la is teaching the Mind-only, or Cittamātra school of tenets in depth, specifically the difficult points of the mind-basis-of-all (Sanskrit: ālāyavijñāna) and the Cittamātra understanding of the ‘Buddha Lineage’, or ‘Buddha Nature’. The root text is Je Tsong kha pa’s Ocean of Eloquent Explanations: An Extensive Commentary on the Difficult Points of Mind and Mind-basis. (translated by Gareth Sparham, available at TBI bookshop).

The transmission of this teaching is very rare in the West and we hope that many students will avail themselves of this wonderful opportunity of attending this class given by a Lharampa Geshe of the calibre of our dear Geshe Jampa Gyatlsen.

The class includes a 30 minute period of debate between students in the tradition of the great monastic university, and Geshe-la’s home monastery, Sera Je.

Teachings with Geshela


The Mind-only school is one of the four Buddhist Schools of Tenets and was particularly influential in much of the Far East (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam) through the works of the great Chinese Scholar Xuan Zang (602-664) who studied in India.

Tuesday night teachings are preceded by a study and discussion group facilitated by a senior student, Mark Catford(6 – 6.40 pm) all are welcome to join in.

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