Sunday Lamrim Meditation @ 10am

Graduated Lamrim Meditation  – All Welcome!
(Sundays 9am-9.30am – check calendar for dates)

The Lamrim (the Graduated Path to Enlightenment) represents the totality of Buddha’s teachings in a step by step format that, if followed purely, leads us to Full Enlightenment and along the way increase our happiness and reduce our suffering.

On Sunday mornings we offer the opportunity to engage in analytical meditation on the topics of the Lamrim. With analytical meditation we use our intelligence, reasoning and personal experience to investigate these topics, concentrating deeply on their meaning and application in our own lives.

We all have the potential to live happier and more meaningful lives, to open our hearts and minds and engage with the world with kindness, compassion and wisdom. These meditations help us reveal that potential, make sense of the world and achieve a strong, resilient mind, more able to cope with the difficulties we all face.

These meditations are led by one of our most experienced students, Chris Ridley and are suitable for students of all levels.

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